The Alchemy


The Alchemy Exchange is your opportunity to share your gift with the Alchemy clients. 

What is your gift? What is that thing that others have told you you’re good at, the thing you do that is special and different, that thing that deeply inspires you, that thing that when you’re doing it makes you feel in perfect alignment with your truth and higher purpose, what does your soul yearn to share? 

This gift does not have to be yoga related ( although it could be ) it’s any content that you want to deliver workshop style. From knitting to singing, astrology to a booking reading, photography to art, bookkeeping to mechanics. If it can be taught underneath the roof of Alchemy, we’ll consider it. 

What’s the Exchange?

You deliver your gift workshop style ( 1-2 hours in length ) for no monetary exchange with Alchemy. Our exchange to you is offering the space, the advertising and the clients of Alchemy to come for no additional cost to them. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the boxes below detailing what you would like to offer as your gift

  2. After we receive your details we’ll reply back to you as to whether it’s a good fit for the studio 

  3. Then we’ll email you the short application confirming your date and details

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