Share Your Pass

What do you do with that head of lettuce or remaining carton of eggs before you head out on a trip? You knock on your neighbours door and say, “hey, we won’t be using these before we go, could you use this instead of it going to waste?”

We’re hoping we can add extra value to your pass at Alchemy, and one of the ways that came to mind was sharing your pass with a friend or family member while you are away from the studio. We are asking members to consider simply gifting your pass to someone in your life in hopes that they can reap the same benefits of yoga that you did.

Wait, I have to pay for someone else to use my pass?

How the exchange is handled on the back end is up to you. If you want to exchange lawn cutting services for your yoga pass that is up to you. If you simply want to gift your pass, you can of course do this as well. Your account stays the same, we simply add the recipient to your pass during the time you are not at the studio. During the time of sharing, the billing information stays the same, the original member is responsible to keeping the account active with respects to payment.

Why don’t I just cancel my pass and rejoin when I’m back at the studio?

We are allowing clients who decide to keep their account active to retain the $49 monthly rate. If you decide to cancel and rejoin in the future the $49 rate will not be available and the new monthly rate will be $74.99. For those who support us each month your rate will be honoured for as long as you are with Alchemy.

This is how it works:

  1. Pick a friend or family member that you think would benefit from enjoying Alchemy while you are away.

  2. Complete the form below.

  3. That’s it! Your pass will now be shared and resume back to you upon your return.

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Date Leaving *
Date Leaving
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Punch Passes can also be shared! Simply fill out the form and we will add your friend to your pass!