Hot Yoga or Not?

  • By being in tune with your body and its changes, there are times when a relaxing yoga class is more important for a healthy balance.
  • At Alchemy Hot Yoga Cochrane, we have a wide range of yoga classes and styles. A balanced lifestyle is key for our health. Our staff would be happy to point you in the direction of a yoga class to best suit your needs if our website does and class descriptions do not help.
  • Hot Yoga is an amazing way to cleanse and stimulate every muscle, system, organ and gland in the body as the heat also helps to detoxify the body to a cellular level.
  • If you are looking to tone your muscle body, lose weight, get rid of joint pain, or increase strength, flexibility, concentration and focus both our hot and non hot classes will greatly assist!
  • For those with specific health concerns such as diabetes, high blood pressure or heat problems, a less intense form of yoga without the heat element is more suitable.

Hot Yoga Wellness & Safety Information

  • If you are DIABETIC or have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE or any heart problems, please inform your physician before attending a Hot Yoga class – we don’t recommend Hot Yoga for any of the above unless your physician suggests otherwise
  • If you practice Hot Yoga more than 3 times per week, it’s VERY important to not only replace your electrolytes, but also the trace minerals in your body. Sometimes 1 hot class requires an electrolyte replacement
  • It is your responsibility to take care of your body by fueling with healthy food and hydrating with lots of water up to 24 hours before and after class. If you are not sure about ways to rehydrate, please see below for healthy Gatorade alternatives for hydration and mineral replacement
  • It is ideal to eat a small meal 1-2 hours before attending class. Avoid heavy foods such as meat and potatoes or anything that takes a long time to digest
  • Our adrenal glands become very taxed when we are stressed and overworked in life.  Sometimes, a super intense Hot Yoga practice can actually deplete the adrenals further if it's an issue already. It is up to each practitioner to properly care for and feed the body to keep the organs working optimally. If you feel that you are depleted, choosing Hot Yoga may not be the wisest decision
  • How you feel in a Hot Yoga class has a lot to do with what you have (or have not) consumed before attending. If you have dizzy or nauseous feelings, it’s very important to lie down immediately until that feeling passes completely. When you are ready, you can rejoin the class
  • Hydration Alternatives: 
    • At Alchemy we carry VEGA powder packets that cost only $1.50. This product replaces the electrolytes and minerals in the body.
    • We also carry high quality homeopathic alternatives.
    • A great alternative is coconut water (not coconut milk). Purchase coconut water at most grocery stores (Safeway & Save On) which is a great way to replace your electrolytes.
    • Another option would be consuming a Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole daily as these salts will help to replace all trace minerals and electrolytes in the body.
  • Signs of Dehydration & Mineral Loss
    • Headache (it is not normal to have a headache after a hot yoga class)
    • Nauseous
    • Dizzy
    • Muscle Cramping
    • Increased Thirst
    • Lethargy or Fatigue
    • Achy Feeling

We appreciate any and all feedback! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.