First Visit at Alchemy

What to expect at Alchemy Yoga

At Alchemy we are a studio of inclusion and we believe that yoga is for everyone. We are committed to welcoming all who walk through our door regardless of where you are on your yoga journey. We have designed our schedule to include classes of all different levels and styles, whether you are a seasoned yogi or it's your first time here, we have a class for you.

Where do I start?

We have two studios in which our classes are offered, the Bamboo Room and the Alchemy Room. Descriptions of each of these rooms are to the right or at the bottom of this page if on mobile.

Next, head over to the schedule page where all of our classes are listed and the times they are offered. Once you have perused the schedule page and narrowed down the class you want to take, you have a couple options from here (see below) 

How do I sign up? How do I purchase a class?

We encourage you to sign up and make purchases online as it helps us prepare for your visit. To do so simply follow these steps:

Our scheduling is done through a program called Mindbody. Each client must have an account to sign up, the account setup process takes about a minute. After your account is set up, there are a variety of ways to purchase a class. Below is the link to register for a new account and a quick video outlining the process:

It is very simple to do and allows us to spend more time introducing you to our space when account setups and payment are done beforehand. That being said, we can easily sign you up in studio as well, either way please come 15 minutes before the class starts to sign a waiver and for a quick tour. 

I don't know what to bring!

Don't worry, one thing we love about yoga is the minimal equipment needed to participate. A yoga mat  is a must, please bring your own, but if you don't have one we rent them for $1.00 and we have mats for sale as well.

A towel is helpful to wipe away the sweat if you're in a hot class or give you some extra grip on the mat. Any towel will do, however we do rent yoga towels for $1.00 and sell them as well.

Water . Please bring a plastic or stainless steel bottle (no glass) that is easy to take sips from. We have a sink just outside The Alchemy Room for water bottle filling. 

I don't know what to wear!

With a whole industry built around yoga clothing, there is no shortage of options of what to wear, but before you splurge on special clothes come try a class with us first in anything that makes you feel comfortable during your practice, shorts, t-shirt, loose fitting pants and breathable fabrics are recommended. 

Now What?

Signed up for class ✔

Yoga Mat ✔

Towel ✔

Water bottle ✔

Yoga Clothing ✔ 


Plan to arrive at Alchemy located here. approximately 15-20 minutes before the class, however we are all human and if you are late due to a train or a little, 'Cochrane traffic tie-up' simply call the studio and  we will let the teacher know that you are on your way.

We have designated parking spots in the plaza where we are located and the stalls are marked with Alchemy Yoga signs. There is street parking available as well which has no parking restrictions. 

Come in and sign your name on the class sign in sheet, get settled by hanging your jacket on one of birch coat racks outside the Alchemy Room and larger items can be stored in the change rooms where we have showers. 



Thanks for joining us at Alchemy!



The Bamboo Room

A room filled with light and elements, a place where the shadows can’t hide. A studio where the yogi generates their own heat from within; it s walls holds space for our unique and special offerings. 

This space is kept at room temperature , no added heat in this room. 


The Alchemy Room

Our sanctuary. A place to relax and let go. A place of emotion and spirit, a room that heals and builds strength.

This studio space is held at a variety of  different temperatures depending on the type of class being held. We do our best to ensure a peaceful experience here.