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Here are some new workshops and classes that are up-and-coming with some information about each one. Any questions? Simply email us at:

'Morning Flow'

Two Early Morning Classes from you to choose from!

Jody will be teaching a Morning Flow class in the Alchemy Room, this will be a hot class with Coffee and Tea following on Tuesday mornings at 6:00am

Natalia will be teaching a Sunrise Flow and Meditation Class also in the Alchemy Room with Tea following on Thursday mornings at 6:30am.


'Trauma Release'

A journey intended to invoke creative expression

You don't have to be a practicing artist to benefit from this workshop. We will move together and journey to a realm with out intentions set and inner visions alive. Using acrylic paint to playfully apply your vision to canvas.

Included in the fee:

Canvas, Paint, Brushes and Mediation Props

Please bring your mat and water.

Cost $55


'Platinum Yoga'

Move & strengthen your body…

Platinum Yoga is a very gentle series designed for those looking to improve their activity level and build strength, length, balance, mobility and range of   motion.

This class will include breath work, meditation,   gentle stretching and relaxation. Props and gentle  movements are utilized to lengthen and strengthen  the body.

Senior Rates are available / A Mindbody account is required to sign up online - otherwise just drop in.


'Prenatal Yoga'

Our prenatal yoga class provides a nurturing environment for women to prepare for the birth of their baby, through yoga postures, guided relaxation and breath awareness you will prepare the body and mind.

These classes will leave you feeling strong, relaxed and more connected to yourself and your baby. No Yoga experience is required and you can join the class when you are ready


'Align the Koshsas'

In this five week series, we will move through the five layers of the Self, the five koshas using the techniques and props of Critical Alignment Therapy. Each week will focused on a specific kosha or layer of the Self, incorporating meditation, breath work and practices using the black spinal strap and low/mid back roll. Developed by Gert Van Leeuwen, the founder of Critical Alignment Therapy, we will use the black spinal strap and back roll to gently penetrate tension in the body down to the skeletal structure. Through longer holds and deep relaxation, this practice is proven to relieve chronic back pain and awaken movement chains in the body. With the combination of introspection and mindful physical movement, this tangible exploration is way of intimately experiencing each layer of the Self.

No special pricing - use your pass or drop in!

'Yoga for every BODY'

Yoga is for every BODY be it stiff, aging, overweight or out of shape. The pace will be slow with a focus on offering modifications to suit all body types and to work with you right where you are. We will move through poses using props and breath to ensure all students are at ease.


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