Welcome to Alchemy Yoga

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Here are some new workshops and classes that are up-and-coming with some information about each one. Any questions? Simply email us at: alchemyyogacochrane@gmail.com

'Hot 26'

Every Tuesday at 7:30

While Becky is off expanding and playing for the summer Johnny Blake will be teaching the Tuesday Hot 26 time slot at 7:30pm.

If you’ve never had a class with Johnny before and Tuesday night is your jam night get ready to go through these 26 poses like never before.


'Yoga for every BODY'

Every Tuesday at 9:30am & Thursday at 6:00pm

Yoga is for every BODY be it stiff, aging, overweight or out of shape. The pace will be slow with a focus on offering modifications to suit all body types and to work with you right where you are. We will move through poses using props and breath to ensure all students are at ease.


'Yoga Unleashed'

Every Wednesday at 1:00

Get out of your head through an inspiring combination of flow, music and movement. All three are married together to bring you out of your head and into a fiery power flow practice. There will be no room to think in this class but you will have every opportunity to become the best bravest version of yourself and increase your confidence by using your body to move into places it has never been.

Finding confidence in your yoga practice will bring confidence to your life. This class will bring the fire, water, earth and ether all together. Be ready to sweat and smile and flow and if you love hands on adjustments we will bring those too. Lets see where you can go, get out of your comfort zone and on your mat


'Prenatal Yoga'

Every Monday and Wednesday at 7:30pm

Our prenatal yoga class provides a nurturing environment for women to prepare for the birth of their baby, through yoga postures, guided relaxation and breath awareness you will prepare the body and mind.

These classes will leave you feeling strong, relaxed and more connected to yourself and your baby. No Yoga experience is required and you can join the class when you are ready

Free Childcare.jpg

'Free Childcare'

Select Dates - See Poster

At Alchemy Yoga we have a special heart for kids (and their parents ) and that’s why we’re offering some programming geared towards just them this summer.

We will be offering FREE child minding in the Bamboo Studio opposite our mid-day classes. Marley DiCastri will be heading up the childminding classes for us. She’s 14 years old, has the babysitting course and babysits kids on a regular basis. Feel free to bring kids under the age of 10 years old. There will be a few activities planned but consider bringing some items from home that help keep your child interested and engaged for the 60 or so minutes.

Please watch the schedule closely as Marley has a few trips planned this summer that won’t allow for her to be there! 


'Moms and Babes'

Thursday's at 1:00 - 2:15

This class provides a relaxed and supportive environment to come and practice yoga without the worries of childcare. We will safely re-introduce functional movement and yoga poses that will help support your postpartum body and pelvic floor. We will learn breathing and mindfulness techniques that will help support you through early parenthood. This class is also a great place to meet and interact with other moms in your community.

Recommended for moms/babes 6 weeks postpartum to crawling.

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